Course Overview

Learn to Ride

Two Guys Motorcycle Training offers safety training courses approved by the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador. Our intensive program prepares the new motorcyclist for the rigours the open road throws at them in everyday life.


Our instructors have many years experience working with Motorcycle Training Programs throughout Newfoundland and are there to assist you in understanding every aspect of the motorcycle experience. Not only do we have road experience, our instructors also have extensive off-road and winter riding experience. We feel this gives our students excellent instruction and offers a broad range of knowledge.


This course is designed for people who have never ridden a bike before and also for people with riding skills. We start you off as if you have never ridden a bike before and the course is then done in steps in a fun, educational environment. You will laugh, learn and absorb important safety skills that are vital for real world riding.


We have a very broad assortment of bikes such as sport bike, dual purpose, cruiser and scooter. We encourage students to ride all bikes to find out what they like the best and what fits them the best.


We are the only Motorcycle Training Course to offer BOTH Motorcycle & Scooter Training
We have valid up to date Emergency First Aid Training

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